A family story

Our estate – Champagne Didier ROTHIER – is located in the heart of the Montagne de Reims, in Villers-Marmery.

Our brand follows the alliance of two winemaker families and was created by the end of the 80’s by Lydie and Didier.

The fourth generation is currently working in the estate, since Flavien took over in 2012. We are harvesters and cooperators in a 4Ha estate.

Our “First Growth” plots are mostly located in Villers-Marmery, and also in Vertus, on the Côte des Blancs.

Chardonnay is the main variety but we also grow Pinot noir.

A traditional craftsmanship


It can’t be denied the champagne method is a demanding savoir-faire. Champagne is not a standard product.

It is not made by any industrial mean but by the hard work of winemakers and their precise, rigorous and technical movements.


Our champagnes

We sell thousands of bottles in numerous France regions, and abroad for a few years.

Our customers are loyal and enjoy our fresh vintages.

We provide 4 kinds of Chardonnay. Spirit, Body, Heart and Passion, what vintage will you choose?

«Maturation in a cask is an art»


We work with passion and we keep the savoir-faire’s signs of our ancestors close to our heart. We preserve the cooper’s tools Flavien’s great-grandfather was using. Several planes with cute names (“The Lady”), casks, graduated gauges, are the remains we want to preserve. We want to share this family tradition by launching very soon a vintage, maturated in an oak cask. Roundness and woodiness are the typical tastes of a wine maturated in a cask and these rich tastes will delight the finest connoisseur.

The surroundings of our estate


Located between Reims, Châlons and Epernay, our family estate enables you to discover new monuments in Champagne, as the Faux de Verzy, beeches with twisted shapes, a typical example of the state forest of Verzy. No less than 1000 trees will surround you during your long walks in a fresh and brand new atmosphere. In Trépail, close to Villers-Marmery, you can visit with your family the “Pré en bulles” museum, where the electronic animations and scenographic technologies enable you to discover the champagne in a very attractive way!

Way closer in Verzenay, the famous lighthouse built in 1909 by winemaker Joseph Goulet provides you at the top a 360° view on the Champagne vineyard.

Finally, the not-to-be-missed visits are the irreplaceable Reims Cathedral and its 2,300 statues, as well as the sumptuous avenue of Champagne in Epernay, to reveal the story of the Café des Sacres in the luxurious world of champagne’s best estates.

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